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Interested in joining our association and learning about our membership pricing? We’re excited to provide you with all the information you need to become part of our dedicated community.

Our association offers different membership types tailored to meet the needs of professionals, businesses, academics, and governmental or nonprofit organizations in the algorithmic auditing sector.

For detailed information about membership pricing and the benefits that come with each category, please send us an email at, and we’ll be happy to respond with the complete details.

The membership is organized into the following categories:

Professional Auditors:

Experts in current algorithmic auditing standards and methodologies are crucial for ensuring that any oversight mechanisms are not just theoretically sound but also practically feasible. They bring the rigor and structure needed to assess and validate algorithms effectively.

Industry Stakeholders:

Inclusion of professionals from the tech industry ensures that auditing practices are aligned with the technical realities and constraints of implementing algorithms. Their input is crucial for solutions that are both ethical and practical.

Academic Members:

Researchers and scholars contribute in-depth subject matter expertise and a critical perspective. They help in identifying emerging risks, refining auditing methodologies, and proposing novel solutions grounded in academic rigor.

Civil Society:

Activists, nonprofits, and concerned citizens offer the ground-truth reality check. They highlight real-world implications, raise awareness of societal impacts, and serve as a crucial voice for marginalized communities who are often disproportionately affected by algorithmic biases.

Policy Makers and Regulators:

Their involvement ensures that the auditing practices align with current laws and regulations and can help inform future legislation that may be needed to safeguard the public interest.


Our Pricing & Benefits

The first such partnership is with The Algorithmic Bias Lab, the research and education division of the algorithm auditing firm BABL AI. IAAA members will receive 50% discount on the AI & Algorithm Auditor Certificate Program, which is meant to equip professionals with foundational sociotechnical skills needed for entry-level positions in algorithmic auditing.

Look for more member benefits as the IAAA expands its partnership network within this growing ecosystem!

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