The IAAA is a community of practice that aims to advance and organize the algorithmic auditing profession, promote AI auditing standards, certify best practices and contribute to the emergence of Responsible AI.




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The Vision

The IAAA aims to be a global hub for algorithmic auditing, bringing together the brightest minds across sectors to co-create standards, methodologies, and tools. We envision a future where algorithms are not a black box of risks and unintended consequences, but transparent instruments that serve humanity and the greater good.

We invite you to join us in shaping a future where algorithms serve us all responsibly and transparently. Welcome to the International Association of Algorithmic Auditors.

By cultivating an ecosystem where different stakeholders can collaborate and learn from one another, the IAAA aims to spearhead the development of best practices that are holistic, comprehensive, and universally applicable.

What we do

The IAAA project

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Training & Certification

A major part of IAAA’s mission is to ensure that the auditing community has access to high-quality training and professional development opportunities, both through offering its own training and certification courses, as well as collaborating with trusted partners in the community.

The first such partnership is with The Algorithmic Bias Lab, the research and education division of the algorithm auditing firm BABL AI.

IAAA members will receive 50% discount on the AI & Algorithm Auditor Certificate Program.